Edinburgh International Festival Announces Contribution to London 2012

The line-up for the Edinburgh International Festival has been announced, with seven performances and productions planned as part of the London 2012 Festival. The Royal Highland Centre’s Lowland Hall is being converted into a theatrical space to house three productions for the London 2012 Festival which cannot be staged in conventional theaters.

Legendary French director Ariane Mnouchkine returns to the UK with production Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir (Aurores), while Christoph Marthalers adaptation of My Fair Lady, Meine faire Dame – ein Sprachlabor, will also feature. The third production is 2008: Macbeth, Grzegorz Jarzyna’s multi-media version of the Shakespeare classic.

Fantastic programme

London 2012 Festival Director Ruth Mackenzie said: ‘Edinburgh International Festival along with Creative Scotland are key partners in delivering a fantastic programme for the London 2012 Festival in Scotland, which will deliver a legacy of new audiences and partnerships leading right up to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

This programme is a great example of the once-in-a-lifetime shows which will bring tourists and visitors to Edinburgh as part of the celebrations of the London 2012 Festival.’

Elsewhere, director Silviu Purcarete returns with a new production of Gulliver’s Travels in collaboration with Irish musician Shaun Davey, marking another performance as part of the Festival’s contribution to the London 2012 Festival.

The power of culture

Edinburgh International Festival will feature almost 3,000 artists from 47 nations, gathering to share the live experience of theatre, dance, opera and music. Festival Director Jonathan Mills said: ‘The Festival remains one of the world’s most important examples of the power of culture and the arts to transform individual ambitions and lives.

‘We rejoice in our partnership with the Olympic Games. A partnership that exemplifies the greatest sporting and finest cultural celebrations in the world standing shoulder to shoulder in the same country.’

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